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Sumavision guarantee 2014 FIFA World Cup in live broadcasting
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In midsummer of 2014, the festival of soccer is coming as scheduled which is expected greatly by billions of people all over the world.2014 FIFA World Cup starts with crazy cry in samba country. FIFA has the very rigorous technology requirement in match broadcasting because it’s the most important soccer match in the world which can make the World Cup not only be a stage for the soccer starscompetition, but also give the chance for world’s leading video giants to proof themselves. Sumavision group, who is the brilliant ‘NO.10’ in this technology show as we have been providing service & solution for the world-class events in the whole world. As known to all, global top events such as World Cup own the highest level of requirements during live broadcasting, which running stability, security & reliability. Sumavision’s video transmission products are used by many appointed broadcasters. Some large telecom operators like South Korea & other countries have used Sumavision’s video equipment to broadcast World Cup whose system has been running uninterruptedly & stably during the match, which provides with the solid guarantee for the match broadcasting.
Two types of Sumavision’s products are used in this match as below:
EMR can receive all kinds of signal from sources which can be inserted the different modular cards adopted as the advanced EMR Xplant technology. Dynamic integration design which can ensure the security of video transmission & cost control. The world’s leading 33.3-ms super low-latency 4:2:2 encoding technology can help terminal users enjoy the better visual experience.
Sumavision’s stand-alone adapter can support a variety of output interfaces, which includes ASI, DS3, etc. Furthermore, different selections can be provided to customers with no need of hardware change. In this digital television system, it works as a bridge between downstream and post back, which provides a convenient channel for the stream transmission.
Sumavision products above have been approved with great praise during the world cup. Furthermore, this is successful case for Sumavision in great events after 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2012 London Olympic Games,2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa,2012 UEFA European Championship, etc. Brazil is developing as one of the fastest-growing markets for Sumavision. Brazilian local national operators have chosen plenty of Sumavision’s video transmission products & systems. Besides 2014 FIFA World Cup, Sumavision’s video transmission technology will also be widely used in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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